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How To Tweet With 280 Characters Right Now (Not Working)

Twitter is a huge platform to express your feelings and connect to the world, but you’re an avid Twitter user then you might have faced the universal problem everyone faces with Twitter, and that problem is 140 character limit Tweet. Twitter has its own ways to defend the policy. However, many of the time people faces a lot of difficulties to express their feelings and can’t even say whatever they want.

The giant social network just released the Tweet limit of 140 characters and increased it to 280 characters. But, there’s a catch, not everyone will be able to use this increased limit. This is a feature which has been rolled out just as a test yet. No worries guys that’s the reason of writing this article today. I have found a way to unlock this feature in your Twitter account.

Shubham Habib
Hello World, Right now I am twitting a 280 characters tweet which was not possible earlier but right now it is. Cheers.

The tutorial is right now coming on , so stay tuned guys.

I am not getting anything in my mind, so just filling the character count,

2:28 PM - Sep 27, 2017
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Here’s the tutorial.

Steps to tweet with 280 characters –
1. First of all, download and install an extension called Tampermonkey.

Download Extension
tweet with 280 characters

2. Now, you have to visit This Github repository, click on “raw” and then tell Tampermonkey to install the script, or you can even copy and paste the new script in Tampermonkey.

3. Now, finally, you have to visit from Google Chrome in your PC/Laptop. And tweet whatever you want to. The characters limit will automatically increase to 280 characters.

4. That’s it you’re done. Now, you will be easily able to tweet with more than 280 characters.

Twitter has now launched this feature for test purposes, and I believe, in short period of time they will make it permanent as people were demanding a long tweet freedom for a long, long time. For coming weeks Tampermonkey will be very useful for you.

Stay tuned for Twitter updates for few days, they might launch something surprising, and all of it is not a surprise because it’s been delayed for a long time and the decreasing Twitter popularity was a sign that Twitter has to come with something to bare for the loss.

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Ending the Article –
At the end, all I want to say is that Tampermonkey will be a must use for all you Twitter fanboys out there. This is a great news that Twitter has taken some steps to increase the limit of 140 characters. This is a big relief for all the twitteratis across the world if sixths new feature stays permanent on Twitter.

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